Top Protective Dog Breeds That’s Safe around The Children

You want a new pet but you want one that is going to fit into the home and family, and it can be useful to look at a protective dog breed. Why a protective dog? Well, it can be far safer to have around the home and to keep the children and family home safe. If you have young children, you really want to make sure the pet you are bringing into the home will fit in nicely and will also be safe around the children. So, what is the top protective dog breeds to consider for families today?

A Golden Retriever

Beautiful and safe for families, a golden retriever is truly one of the very best dog breeds to have around the home today. Generally these are animals which are safe and which are ideal for most family homes as well. They love to be played with so adults and children alike can go outside and play catch with the dog as well as fetch! Retrievers usually are considered one of the best dogs for families today as they are always on the lookout for danger and really quite lovely. It is not one of the most expensive dog breads around and it’s an ideal option for most family homes also.

A Labrador

One of the most treasured and adored dog breeds today has to be a Labrador. Labradors are not only cute but extremely good with children. Anyone who has a child and wants a safe pet around them should really give some consideration to a Labrador. These are large dogs but very protective and they are usually gentle and very playful. They love to play catch and fetch and generally lie around with the children! As a protective dog breed you should find the Labrador to be one of the better options to consider when it comes to having a pet for the home.

A Newfoundland

You might not be too familiar with the breed Newfoundland but these are really one of the loveliest pets to have in the home today. However, these dogs are generally larger dogs so you might find that they are better with older children rather than the very small children. They are very protective animals and they really do love to play. They love getting attention so if you have children, even parents, they will get far more exercise with this pet! Again, it’s not one of the most expensive dog breads but it’s certainly one to treasure.

Choose Wisely

You really do have lots of great dog breeds to consider for your home today such as collies, beagles, little pugs and even Dalmatians but of course the choice is yours. You want to make sure the dog will be welcomed in the home and that it will fit into it as well. It is really important to have a breed of dog you are comfortable with as well as really enjoy having around too. Choosing a protective dog breed can be so good for those with children and families as the dogs can sometimes be more aware of dangerous situations.